December 2014 Winter Solstice

decsolsticeHere we are, as the wheel turns we are back at a familiar point the winter solstice; where we have been before but what are the lessons this time around.

For me as I consider the return of the light; this year I dwell on the concept of darkness and its place in my life throughout the year.  The lessons it has taught me, in my own life journey and my experiences working with my clients.

Evil or unconsciousness is simply a place where the light is inaccessible. When a person or situation comes into our lives, how we react to it says a lot about us.  When we do battle with these forces we reclaim part of ourselves that was lost to the darkness either through trauma, hurt or violence.  If we blame and condemn the people or situation and try to avoid it; it will search us out again and again like a heat-seeking missile.  Only tuned to “our” vibration.  This battle and examination must be with ourselves.

From the I Ching a Chinese oracle and book of philosophy.

Hexagram 43

“In a resolute struggle of the good against evil there are certain rules which should be followed. The resolution must be based on a union of strength and friendliness. Second a compromise with evil is not possible, evil must be openly discredited. Nor must our own passions and shortcomings be glossed over. Finally the struggle with evil must not be carried on directly by force.  If evil is branded, it thinks of weapons, and if we do it the favor of fighting against it blow for blow, we lose in the end because thus we ourselves have become entangled in hatred and passion. Therefore it is important to begin at home, to be on guard in our own persons against the faults we have branded. In this way finding no opponent, the sharp edges of the weapons of evil become dulled. Nor should we wrestle with our own problems for the same reason as they become stronger.  The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good.”

Try to understand; why is this coming into my life, what does it say about the broken off parts of me that I haven’t reclaimed and love about myself.  What did I discard that was important so long ago. What part of me is in the darkness; am I allowing myself to be human. What can I learn about myself so I can move forward in a positive manner, in a creative manner.  The absence of conflict is creativity; a positive moving wave of energy which influences others and heals me.

The December 21st winter solstice is here. This year I have been dwelling on my problems, my demons if you will, the lessons I am here to learn this time around and they have really been in my face in the last six months. Don’t be afraid to face yourself, your inner darkness, the boogeyman if you will; we have to take time and clean out the skeletons every so often so the light can get in there.

A very wise friend counseled me once when I began working as a psychic/healer “Lorraine, always approach every thing you do with the mind of a beginner, then you will be safe. Watch your ego and always keep an eye on it.”

The winter solstice is the promise of the return of the light.

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The Click when Seasons Change

IMG_20141108_133539You know what I am talking about don’t you? Its that moment when something is in the air and you can feel the seasons are about to change.

Right now we are preparing to hunker down into our caves for the winter in Canada. As a newly transplanted country gal find I notice the seasons more intensely now that I live in a rural setting. A far cry from my prior 25 year city existence of rushing from subway, to streetcar, to cappuccino, to appointment with a client or making my gym class on time. Now I have a different set of priorities, which include taking care of my ever expanding vegetable garden, making a rug, canning and preserving my garden goodies and taking care of our small patch of land.

But where life is different now is those moments of wonderment while observing mother earth as she unfurls herself; season after season; year after year. Each spring I observe in amazement as flowers, baby plants and leaves on the trees emerge from dense soil and what is grey dead arms sticking out from tree trunks laden with heavy snow.  Green doesn’t seem possible in February.  The lovely wild flower in her variety; she parades forth as the last snow drift disappears until the first flake of it whispers “time to sleep”.

These memories and experiences are what get me through the Canadian winter. I feed the dark-eyed Junco who visits my bird feeder deep into the winter, his fine feathered suit doesn’t go unnoticed on me. Behind my house the majesty of the pines and spruce laden with snow are obvious now that the other trees have lost their leaves. This scene is the poetry I await after a heavy snow dust up. The great horned owl who sat in my tree for 2 hours while I observed his haughty peering into my binoculars helped me wait through the rest of February. For spring to return.

So I give you, city dwellers advice, do what I did only rarely when I lived in Toronto. Listen for the goldfinch because he exercises his voice in the city parks. The wild flower and wooded areas are to refresh your spirit and is the voice of god manifest in form.

©  Lorraine Hughes 2014

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June Odiimin Strawberry Moon

IMG_20140618_152225This is the month of the strawberry moon, in Ojibway odiimin gisiss; the words strawberry and heart are closely related in the language, so the teaching goes that the strawberry is the “heart berry” and is believed to have healing properties.  The bear is the healer, he is the carrier of medicine as he digs up the healing roots with his claws.  The seeds of the strawberry are on the outside of the berry signifying that through forgiveness and reconciliation we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, its about letting go of old resentments and judgement.

Today I was out walking around the Millbrook prison grounds nearby where I live; it was a minimum security prison that is closed now but a friend was showing me the grounds as a good place to walk Bear my dog because of the open rolling fields and view up top of the surrounding area.  As we walked I could feel how heavy the energy is there, very heavy and dense.

To my surprise on a section of the grounds close to the edge of the forest I found a patch of wild strawberries.  I had a little feast of the juicy berries, they were so sweet; much sweeter that the ones you buy in the store.  I pondered how this beautiful, sweet healing energy is moving into a place where much pain and sadness must have lived.

The sweetness of the strawberry is a reminder of how once we let go of pain, anger and resentment, forgive and heal circumstances from our past we can move forward and reconnect with the sweetness of life.

© Lorraine Hughes 2014

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Keeping It Wild

swanflowerThis is my third year in my new home in the country.  As a former city gal it hasn’t always been easy and it helps that the small metropolis of Peterborough is only 15 minutes away and my city girl roots get watered in Toronto about two or three times a month when I go to see my clients for in person sessions.

As time passes though I take in more and more the way my soul seems to be expanding by living a rural existence. It seems each year while I witness the change of seasons something new happens.  Something unexpected.

This year its the sounds, sights and smells of spring as a way too long Canadian winter burns itself out until next year.

The male robin is the first to fly back home from the winter migration and scout out a suitable nesting ground.  Then he designates it as his territory by singing his multi-layered trilling tones up and down throughout the woods surrounding my home.  All day.  All the different birds are busy, busy, the frogs peeping; today alone I was overwhelmed and tranced out by the waves of sound that continuously beat on the shores of my ears all day.  Wow.  Needless to say I had a difficult time focusing on anything mundane, I gave up and drew outside until the black flies mobbed me back inside the house.

But what I love the most about the spring is the rise and fall of the delicate wildflower.  There are so many wildflowers surrounding my home and in the nearby walks with Bear my dog its astounding.  Some of them are here too briefly, only for a week or two.  There was a little family of white heads a bobbing last week, I went by the next day to see their austere beauty, but they were gone.  Its like experiencing the world with the soul first and allowing it to live inside you.

When I first moved here, still living “on city time” I did not notice these vulnerable, quiet beauties.  I’ve realized how caught up we can become with ourselves, our lives and our Facebook accounts; we don’t notice what is just nearby.

Now when I am in Toronto I notice and hear the goldfinches song on the wind, the delicate turn of the wildflower petal, the south wind messing with leaves on the trees, all reminding me of my real self (the part that is holy) and the interconnectedness of all life.

©  Lorraine Hughes 2014

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When Time Stands Still

solareclipseIt is time to breathe in and cultivate stillness.

As I write this a solar eclipse is culminating and scattering energy throughout our planetary energy field; which includes each one of our individual energy fields.  What I know about eclipses (with my limited astro-knowledge) is an eclipse raises large amounts of energy and that energy is dispersed before and after the eclipse over time.  The sun’s energy is cloaked then revealed again.

All life on our planet is dependent on the energy of the sun so these times can be especially powerful.

My business as a psychic and energy healer has shifted significantly since our move out to Peterborough.  Opportunities I had counted on to get me through a transition disappeared and my business took a huge hit, not for the best.  Its had me questioning what I do for a living, is this what I am supposed to be doing.  Does creator want me to do something else.  Who am I really?  What is my role.  I look back on some dreams I had two years ago that I didn’t understand.  Now I get it.  In more than one dream I was changing my clothing, hair, I feel I was walking away from alot of what I have learned spiritually.  I am meant to be on a new path, a different path.

Not totally sure what that is supposed to be yet.  Not sure what Creator has in store for me but for sure, times are changing and resistance is futile, but it feels really good to admit that even to myself.  Going inside alot and looking at myself and my thinking patterns.  When you work in people’s energy alot you forget who you are, whats important and what were my reasons for beginning this path fourteen years ago.

I do love helping people, I know I want to keep doing that but I have neglected myself and I never met to do that.

This past year has been about revealing what the sun means to me inside myself.  My birthday is on May the 8th and last year there was a solar eclipse on my birthday.  I think besides my  role  as a spiritual person changing, creativity has come again in my life.  Oh painting and writing, I never meant to give you up.  Its just my love and passion for helping others took over.

With this solar eclipse I watch myself change again, and creator whispers in my ear what his plans are for me up ahead.  In the meantime I plant my garden, I work in the studio with new colors; finish my book, and I wait patiently for the illumination of the sun to coax all the seedlings to rise…

© Lorraine Hughes 2014

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Winter Solstice December 21st

IMG_20131215_122615The Festival of Lights

In the days of old before Christianity, pagan holidays marked seasonal times that were important for the development of the soul.  The cycles of the year are connected to the seasons and quality of light illuminating Mother Earth.  These seasonal markers describe Earth’s relationship to the sun over the course of a year.

To acknowledge these dates can help remind us of who we really are and where we come from; to develop our potential in this lifetime.  The universal source of knowledge which comes from the light of the sun.  Its not just a burning ball of energy that the Earth revolves around but is responsible for all life, for growth and awakening, and tug of gravity on Mother Earth.

During the winter solstice, on the darkest day of the year; the longest night, we look to the sun as light comes back to us and enriches us with its life-giving heat and warmth.  A time to reflect on the importance of this light and energy in our lives.

Some thinkers believe the sun’s energy symbolizes John the Baptist as the prophet heralding the coming of Christ. John the Baptist is seen as a human witness whose historical purity and humility have been proven, his link with the social-judicial aspect of life.  John the baptist through the act of Baptism itself transmuted darkness into light.

The light of the sun brings knowledge to a place where there is ignorance, healing where there is woundedness, lights the darkest hours of our consciousness. Winter solstice can be said to represent an aspect of the dark night of the soul, the painful release of dark material from the unconscious before the light makes its way into our soul and our life.  For me it is the light at the end of the tunnel, that magnetically pulls us toward spiritual illumination.

© Lorraine Hughes 2013

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Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto is Us

ocean1Your probably reading the title of this post and thinking, no way, that is not me!!!  But I am here to say, yes it is you.

I’ve been watching the downward spiral of Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s career since the crack pipe debacle last summer (FYI – here is an article explaining such; ), and one thing is for certain he exhibits the classic behaviors of an addict; one behavior most specifically, the response of “denial”.  Deny, deny, then deny again and when you have something your trying to gain or people your trying to manipulate, then admit your guilt!

The classic behavior of an addict;  we want what we want and we don’t want anything to get between us and our chosen poison.  The drug, the lifestyle, the material goods, the SUV car, the food, the electronic devices, the sex, the power, the greed, even the false peace of mind, the list goes on…  We want to fill that craving and we don’t care what gets in the way or what harm our addictions may cause.

I have been reading lately about how the brain is wired to create electronic pathways to enable us to think quicker; its part of the way we learn and it is fundamental in how we form habits. In the darker sense its how addictions are created, why we stay there; and why we relapse when we are trying to kick our habit or addictions.  The road to self ruin really is a road inside our brains.  If we are engaged in something habit forming even in the very early stages of that habit our brain is wired to help us continue and keep the habit going.  It is difficult and painful to rewire our brains because there is a concentrated emotional slag heap in our unconscious that keeps the addiction going.  It hurts to take your head out of the sand and say hey, somethings just not right here.

Here is my point and I do have one.  I believe humanity as a whole is in a cycle of addictive behavior, and we are in great denial (at our own peril) about how serious the end result of our addiction is because we want to be comfortable and not give up our goodies.

We are in a cycle of planetary energy according to Astrologers where Neptune (the planet of illusion, spirituality and creativity) is transiting through Pisces; it will remain there until 2025.  Many spiritual people the world over today and from the past heralded this epoch as a time when humanity would reach great spiritual heights, love, world peace, etc.  Transiting planets, energy shifts; all have a dark side and a light side of manifestation.  The astrologer and author Stephen Forest spoke at a conference I watched on YouTube describing this time as it was approaching; he believed the opposite would be true, that world-wide we would be seeing people succumbing to addictive lifestyles on an even grander scale than ever seen before.  One of the messages that I have received from spirit over the past two years repeatedly is that humanity is nowhere near where we are supposed to be spiritually to absorb and learn from this new energy on planet Earth.

With all this kafuffal about the Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, the finger pointing, the embarrassment, the omg, the public lynching, (not that he shouldn’t be held responsible and accountable).  We cry, “Not me!”  “I don’t do that.”  What’s going on in our back yards or growing in the darkest basement of our repressed shadow, or gathering mold in our closets. How responsible and accountable are we about the mess we are leaving the planet in, for the generations after us.  Do we care?

Its interesting that Neptune rules the ocean. Our oceans are dying.  We originate from the ocean.  In October this year an article was published in the Guardian newspaper; in the article is an analysis of scientific findings regarding the acidification of our oceans; a process happening at an alarming rate leading to massive die offs of all ocean species in the next forty years or less… I quote, “The next mass extinction may have already begun.”

The article is grim in the extreme and I am sure its trying to paint a rosy picture in order not to create widespread panic; again, denial.  The only reason I can see that humanity as a species would sit back and allow this to happen (because the information is out there folks we all have known about this for a long time now) is we want to be in our world of comforts, and our brains are wired to get all this stuff to us as easily and quickly as possible. Denial is also a sign of mental illness.

Who is going to be held accountable for mass extinction in the oceans, its not going to be the corporations people, its us who allowed it to happen.  We are addicted to the goods that are produced by these companies and they know it.  What are you going to say to your maker (or your children) when you one day have to face him or her.  I didn’t do anything to make my planet a better place, I participated in the madness.

©  Lorraine Hughes 2013

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The Beginning of the Universe

IMG_20130616_162914I’ve been wanting to write an article about the collision between science and spirituality for some time now especially since scientific findings from the Large Hadron Collider have been published in recent years. The collider or atom smasher has been operational since 2008.  If you google large hadron collider you will find information on the engineering specs, number of top people in their fields involved and how impressive this scientific endeavor involving numerous countries and costing 7.5 billion euros (I want you to stop for a moment and think about how much money that is).  Basically a machine which has scientifically reproduced the subatomic conditions at the time of the big bang; or beginning of the universe itself.

The published findings are even more interesting because they have now proven what was theoretically thought of prior; that multiple dimensions exist as well as our own, that we are connected to every living thing on the planet and everything is connected to us and lastly the idea I find most interesting that matter has intelligence and is conscious.  Basically you have scientific proof of what great yogis, native medicine men, seers, soothsayers and mystics have been saying since time began.  Oh yeah here is another one, time does not exist; specifically in other dimensions.

These ideas are the framework or workspace of my office everyday.  It has been my experience to have material objects disappear and reappear; or material objects appear out of thin air and remain in my possession; clouds of vapor appear and disappear inside my dwelling (Jerry my partner has also seen this with me or around me; he has seen faces in the vapor peering at him from around me); telepathic communication occurs on a regular basis between us (proving intelligence in matter and the awareness of cellular of connection); once I was sitting in a restaurant and a strong perfume filled the restaurant from behind me (three people approached me and asked me how I was manifesting the perfume) obviously it came from somewhere else.  This is just a very small number of the phenomena that happens in my world and others who are like me.  I feel sorry for people that need scientific validation for every circumstance happening on this planet.  I think its a miracle to watch a flower bud; how it take its time to share its inner beauty and fragrance with us mere mortals.

Science and scientific endeavors when it becomes the rational mind gone mad, when it needs to name and dissect every living thing in existence down to the smallest particle known to man/womankind including what was going on at the dawn of creation, takes the mystery and creativity out of life and renders it lifeless.  There is a place and job for the rational mind and that is for solving a problem that is in front of us, like cleaning and preserving our dwindling fresh water supply; doing something about the disappearing wild places and protecting the disappearing animals species that live within them; organic farming and food for everyone on the planet.  Think of the positive change that could be accomplished with 7.5 billion euros, at this very critical turning point in our development on our beautiful planet Earth.

Here is a little food for thought for you.  Edgar Cayce was a famous seer who while in trance made uncanny predictions about the past and future which have come to be proven in our time.  One of the epochs he spoke about was the existence of a place called Atlantis which sunk into the sea because of the misuse of technology.  According to the great physicist Stephen Hawkin the phenomena that was in existence right at the moment of creation was a black hole. This is a state where matter turns in on itself.  These are the conditions that the large hadron collider is trying to reproduce.  If everything is connected and matter is alive then the experiments being done on the Swiss-Franco border 175 meters below the Earth’s surface are not contained inside the collider but are in fact interacting with the energy of the outer and inner planet and all of life as well.  I find it interesting that with increasing frequency in recent years, enormous sinkholes have been appearing all over the planet, especially in north and south America with science not able to give a clear and united explanation for the phenomena.  One of these sinkholes swallowed an entire three story building in Guatemala city.  It is as if part of our continent were sinking.  I am just exploring some ideas of course, I have no scientific data on such problems.  Edgar Cayce warned in his readings on numerous occasions that we were headed for the same conclusion as Atlantis if we continued on the path we were on; continuing to disconnect with the planetary energies and disregard the warnings we were being given from the planet herself.

The Earth is our mother, she needs our care and she and all her inhabitants need our nourishment and protection.  This spaceship Earth is our home, there is no other place out there that is presently suitable for us to inhabit.  At least in the dimension that most mere mortals are able to perceive.

© Lorraine Hughes 2013


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Earth Scan by Lorraine Hughes July 2013

Global and Local Clairvoyant Information July 2013

I am going to start writing about Earth Movements and local predictive information on a regular basis instead of my usual antidote-type writing I have been doing in the past.  This information has been coming to me more frequently in dreams and visions and in private sessions with individuals.  I feel responsible to disseminate this information to a wider audience.  Some of the information that follows has been confirmed or repeated itself through my life partner for clarity in his dreams.

Mexico – I received on June 5, 2013 that there would be an Earthquake south of Mexico City and shortly after the volcano Popocatepetal would have a huge eruption, then there would be a much stronger Earthquake in Mexico City (these earth events are somehow energetically connected to each other) and many people would be very sad about massive destruction to historical buildings… many, many people will lose their lives there.  In the later part of June, 2013 an Earthquake south of Mexico city happened and the volcano Popocatepetal erupted a day later.  So far the massive Mexico city earthquake has not happened, I was told these events were connected and would be the cause of one another.

Toronto – The mayor Rob Ford will not be re-elected or serve another term. There will be a scandal (different from the photo with the crack pipe scandal) around the Ford family.  Specifically I saw that Mayor Ford’s mask would be ripped off (his true identity being revealed) and that he has embezzled or re-routed public monies to his private gain.  There is some kind of sign that came to me about him, profiting financially with money that is not his or its being done illegally.

Ontario and Quebec – An earthquake much stronger that the one felt a month ago who’s epicenter started north of Ottawa.  Very strong earth movements ripping from north to south; East of Toronto, I received that they would also be just east of where I live which is Peterborough, that is the strongest and most intense movements, I am feeling the origin of the epicenter.

Global – This is something both my life partner and I have had visions and dreams about.  Something very violent will erupt within a years time.  Very big and very violent, it is going to affect the global market.  It is something that will make people feel extremely defenseless and vulnerable, alot of fear and stress amongst the worlds citizens will be caused from this event.  For those that are speculating on the stock market alot of money will be lost.

Health – My life partner and I both have received that the common cold (for which there is no cure, its up to our bodies immune systems to fight off) will last longer and be much stronger.  We keep being warned that people will have a false sense of security, possibly reaffirmed by doctors, that they just have a cold.  After having this really long cold that the body has been fighting off; other things can set in like pneumonia, or severe bronchial/breathing difficulties.  The wise thing to do is don’t allow your body to have a prolonged cold.  Grow your own vegetables and eat them, (you are doing good for the Earth and your body), use oil of oregano or bee propolis (immune boosters) as soon as you feel sick.  Try to live a stress-free life.

Check in here regularly as I will be writing monthly or bi-monthly depending on how much new information I receive here at home and when I work abroad.

© Lorraine Hughes 2013


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Spirituality and the Drug Culture

Once again I feel the need to state a disclaimer; “the following is my opinion and how I have been guided in my spiritual practice, please embrace what feels right and leave the rest behind. Thank you.”

For me, what I have received about reaching the heights of spiritual awareness and connection is to be done safely,  it needs to be done without drugs and alcohol.  Receiving a vision while high on DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), or any of the rave drugs; Ecstacy, or K (Ketamine), is not folks a vision but a nightmare.  Recently I watched the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule, where supposedly responsible adults (some of them psychotherapists and self-proclaimed “shamans”) claimed taking psychotrophic drugs enhanced their ability to help others, or allowed them to have deeper, more spiritual understandings of life.  I found it interesting how all of the interviewed professionals (some with PHD letters after their names) were unable to articulate exactly how these experiences helped them, or what insights they were given on how to help others or their communities.  Some of these experiences include the latest fad of traveling to Peru or the Amazonian rainforest to partake of the Ayahuasca (the substance taken has DMT in it, mixed with another plant) ceremony.

I had never hear of the Ayahuasca experience until clients started to come to me for energy healing, these clients were majorly unbalanced, so opened up that they could not connect to the planetary energies (were not grounded).  Or their lives took such a major shift when they got back that they were unable for years to reorient themselves (ie. losing job, money, partner, possessions etc…).  I also know of people who have gotten their hands on ancient Egyptian elixirs in order to have visions and enhance psychic abilities.  A client came to me who was taking these elixirs; I repeatedly urged him to incorporate the knowledge coming through him into his art.  This energy can build up and come back to us in unpleasant and difficult to handle ways.  Now the energies are much stronger from the other side, the backlash will be much stronger of stored up or stagnant energy in the future.

In my community to ceremonially use a plant, sacred item or any medicine it is done with the utmost respect to the plant etc… and with the people involved.  The spiritual assistance is most humbly evoked.  An experienced medicine person works with the ceremony and it is done with a purpose or there is a end result in mind.  This goal is usually for healing of a family, community, to find lost items or to help in some way.  These ceremonies and plants are not used for entertainment value or to accelerate our vibrations without an end result in being the goal.

I feel sad that so many of our young people are lost, often I feel they are looking for spiritual connection and meaning when they take a drug at a rave or dance club.  I was once a lost young person like that myself, only the drugs or alcohol available were not going to instantly take my life or negatively affect my sense of well being for long periods of time.  Recently I read an article that there is a new Ecstasy drug that is deadlier and comes in a powder form.  Many of these club drugs do long-term damage to the brain or central nervous system.  I just lost a friend recently and I know she struggled with depression which is a side effect of one of the club drugs Ketamine which I know she partook of.  So you can quit the drug but are you really released from its detrimental after affects?

I am putting club drugs and ceremonial plants together in comparison here because I feel if psychotrophic plants are used in the same way as a drug in a rave then whats the difference.  Spiritual knowledge gained must be shared with community or have an end result otherwise your body, soul and spirit will be inhabited by something very negative.  That negative being can convince you that you are “right” in what you are doing!  Also known as the ego factor.

© Lorraine Hughes 2013

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